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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 27, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm JST

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welcome to "newsline." here's a look at some of stories we're following this hour. chinese forces are participating in a giant u.s.-led naval exercise for the first time even as maritime tensions simmer in asia. and a survivor of a ship
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that sank in southern japan during world war ii hopes to pass on stories of hundreds of young victims to future generations. the world's largest naval drill is under way in hawaii. the pacific exercise has been held every two years since 1971 and for the first time china is taking part. the country's participation comes at a time of heightened regional tensions over territorial disputes at sea. a group of chinese ships have arrived in pearl harbor. not only flying its own flag, but also the colors of the u.s. china has sent four vessels, a missile destroyer and others. u.s. navy officials greeted their chinese counter parts for the first time during the impact exercise. chinese and other could be tris fleets got into formation ahead
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of the drill and conducted fire exercises. the naval drills are to foster cooperation among participants that is critical to marry time security. 22 countries are taking place this year. >> translator: by visiting each other's ships, sailors with increase their understanding of each other. i think's laid a solid foundation for the next exercise. >> china's participation comes at a time of growing tension. in may a chinese fishing vessel rammed a vietnamese fishing boat in the disputed south china sea. the ships have repeatedly collided. nations neighboring china are increasely i weary of china of it building up its military cape
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abouts. a former president of the defense academy says that china's participation in the exercise is only a small step towards easing tensions. >> at least both sides are showing gesture that they are not being hostile to each other, at least participating in the national exercises. and both sides, particularly chinese are trying to see how they can cope with the future tensions. it will be more tensions in the future. because, as i said, the chinese intention is to drive the american presence in the western pacific away from the area. the added motive behind the u.s. invitation of chinese ships is to see what kind of capability chinese ships have.
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to see how the u.s. naval operations may work, how they will operate their ships. both the chinese and the u.s. naval ships, they're trying to figure out how they can fight. >> over the next month, it still remains to be scene. seen what drills china will be invited too and how much cooperation will be achieved. nhk world, tokyo. one japanese cabinet minister is trying to improve cooperation with his counter parts in china. he's in beijing work to thaw strained relations. >> japan's land minister is a member of junior coalition partner. he met with the chinese vice prefear. she praised him for playing a positive role in japan china relations. he is the first japanese cabinet minister to hold these talks in nearly two years.
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relations sour when japan's government nationalized the seas in 2012. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. north korean media say kim-jong-un directly ordered the firing on thursday. a spokesperson for south korea said that he likely attended the law firm of three project tiles. he said that the military leaders are trying to upgrade their new large cap ber rockets. >> the north has been firing the multirocket launchers and the firing range increases every time. >> in march, a rocket flew 150
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kilometers. the project tiles fired are expected to have flew more than 30 kilometers. that's far enough to reach south korea. it's hard to detect launch preparations of rockets making it difficult to intercept them the artillery could pose a threat to u.s. forces stationsed in the country. u.s. president barack obama has taken steps to help stop the violence in syria from spilling into iraq. he's asked congress to increase support for moderate opposition forces. officials with the obama administration have requested $500 million for equipment, supplies and training. the assistance would be for opposition forces in syria once they've been screened. the u.s. government has been calling for the departure of president ba shard al assad. the united states has been engaged in operations to support the opposition forces but this is the first time it has openly said this it plans to trade them. the aid would be used to counter
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the state of iraq. earlier this month they seized the country's second largest city. officials at the u.n. drug watchdog say illicit drug use is a problem. they say the amount of land dedicated to opium production is at an all-time high. and they're calling for the government to take action. officials from the u.n. office on drugs and crime issued the statement in a new report. they say more than 240 million people used an illicit drug in 2012. and around 27 million of them were addicts. they say opium production areas have been expanding in afghanistan. they say last year almost 300,000 hectors of land was under population worldwide. that's the highest since they started to make estimates in 1998.
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the report also says the number of new psychoactive substances not covered by international restrictions more than doubled between 2009 and 2013. the u.n. officials warned that trade is growing rapidly. japan is reviewing on how to generate income through juggling different types of corporate taxes. they want to lower the rate for some but put a heavy on others even if they are at a loss. >> you know, there's been a lot of talk about the benefits of lowering the corporate tax rate. some are wondering how to make up for any shortfall. so a japanese government panel has been trying to find new sources of revenue to offset the impact. it's now drawn up an official planned. that includes imposing taxes on the companies that are not paying them at present. they adopted the reform plan on
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friday aiming to cut corporate taxes below 30% over the next couple of years. the pnl members say the government should expand the present tax system based on the size of companies to include smaller firms. the companies are capitalized at less than a $1 million. they should be taxed even when they're in the red. the panel member also called for a review of a separate system that excludes companies from taxation, especially to support their research and development activities. government officials plan to study the proposals as part of the discussions on tax system reforms for the next several years. government officials are busy looking through a new batch of indicators. the figures were up again showing the biggest jump in 30 years. the cost of basic goods and services rose 3.4% over the same period last year. consumer prices have been climbing nout for 12 straight months. the sales tax height in april
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was a major factor for the increase. meanwhile, families of two or more people spent a little more than $2600 on average last month. this is down 8% in yen terms from may earlier. may marked a soaked straight month of decline. spending on repairs and maintenance of home equipment fell for the first time in nine months, plunging 26%. on the labor front, the number of jobs increased in may. the ratio of job offers to job seekers edged up .01 to 1.09. 109 positions for available for every 100 people looking for work. it's the highest level since june 1992. and the unemployment rate declined slightly to 3.5%. it's the lowest level now since december 1997. >> let's get a check of the
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market. here's how they're doing at this hour. we're seeing modest gains right now for most of the markets. slight gains for paris. market players are turning their attention to british engine maker rolls royce and francis air bus. shares of both companies are higher at this time. they're rising on media reports that the french aircraft maker is close to deciding to upgrade one of its airliners. investors have jittery. the a stronger yen hurt investor sentiment. the dollar does remain weak against the yen, 10138. follow u.s. government with the bond yields are weighing on u.s.
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currency. to figure wills be a focus for later on in the day. the taking a look at japanese government bonds, the yield slipped to a level that we haven't seen since earlier may of last year. analysts say demand is solid. that's part hi because the world's major central banks are likely to maintain their interest rates at record lows at least for some time. shareholders meeting are in full swing here in japan. on friday there were more than 900 of them. that was the biggest number for a single day this season. officials at the tokyo stock exchange say 917 companies held their shareholders meetings. a growing number of businesses made proposals to appoint outside board members. among them nintendo which took the step for the first time. the officials say a record 74% of the companies listed on the fist section would have outside directors if their shareholders agree. many firms also raised dividends as a result of their strong earnings amid the ongoing
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economic recovery. officials say more than 54% of the listed firms paid out a total of more than $69 billion and that was a record amount in yen terms. >> new york stock exchange officials will soon be getting ready for what could be the biggest stop offering for an i.t. company. they say they'll list their company's shares on the exchange. alley ba ba revealed the papers with the security and exchange commission. it kept the mashlt officials guessing where it would list the shares. it was founded in the province in 1999 and the group operates the business to business trading website. it's now doing business in more than 190 countries and regions. the company is expected to go public in early august. u.s. media say its initial public offering could be the largest ever by an i.t. firm. that is going to do it with biz
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this week. i'll leave you with the markets. every morning investors turn their attention to asia, the tokyo market leads the way and markets around the world follow. >> from the decisions that could change the course of an economy. >> to the companies at the forefront of change. >> up to the minute market
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reports. >> and analysis by specialists from around the world. >> get all of the latest business news and insight every day here on "newsline." people have gathered in japan's southern islands this wiek to remember a painful period in the country's history. the battle of okinawa happened 69 years ago at the tail end of world war ii. fighting between u.s. and japanese forces raged for months leaving 200,000 people dead. many civilians lost their lives the year before the battle began. nearly 2,000 tried to evacuate but drowned after u.s. forces sank their ship. about 1,000 of them were children. the story isn't well-known. survivors have been trying to change that. >> reporter: this man has long wanted to have been visit the memorial museum on the main
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island. he and the empress went there on friday for first time. they offered prayers for nearly 1,500 people who died when the cargo ship sank 70 years ago. in august 1944, this ship was carrying evacuees from okinawa. they were following a government order to leave the islands before they became a major battleground. but u.s. forces torpedoed the ship. two-thirds of the victims were younger than 15 years old. japanese military commanders banned the news from being made public. many didn't know about the sinking until after the war. this man is one of the survivors. he gave the couple a tour of the museum.
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>> translator: i want everyone to know that war is terrible and that even little children suffer. >> reporter: takara was four at the time. he was on the ship with his parents and eight siblings. his sister was the only other family member to survive. >> translator: i used to have many siblings, but i cannot remember anything about them. it saddens me. >> reporter: takara says he remembers holding on to something to stay afloat and the sting of the saltwater in his nose and mouth. fishermen saved him. he learned later that his father had passed him to them then drowned.
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>> translator: i want to cherish and make the most of my life that my father saved. and i want to help others. >> reporter: he has been visiting schools to share his story with children. survivors of the sinking are getting older. he wants to keep their memories alive and warn people about the cost of conflict. >> translator: in war, soldiers fight. but many more children lose their lives. none of you want to die, do you? please build a nation that won't engage in war and that you can be proud of. i also want you to bring peace not only to japan but the rest of the world. >> translator: i feel sad to
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know many people died in the ship that sank. >> translator: i think wars are really horrible. i hope the world will be free of war. >> reporter: 70 years after surviving a tragedy at sea, takara is determined to continue raising awareness for as long as he can. he hopes one day children everywhere will be shielded from the brutality of war. chie yamagishi, nhk world. people living near the
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celebrated veal are not only overjoyed at the success, they're also determined to maintain the buildings and techniques for the future generations. we have more. >> adopted. congratulations, japan. they named this as a knew heritage site. people living here in the prefecture north of hoek otokyo been anticipating the news. and they gathered at the site to make the occasion. they will look after the mayor from now on. >> the site faces some serious challenges that need to be at rest. there are about 110 buildings in the compound and the oldest
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dates back more than 140 years. >>. >> translator: some parts are flaking off. there are big holes here. it's in pretty bad condition. we have consider the possibility that even a small earthquake could bring the walls down. >> because of the risk of damage, visitors can currently look around only two of the buildings. it's going to take some time and it will come at a considerable cost. restoring the heritage is a particularly difficult process. >> translator: we first must make a record of the existing conditions and then we decide what parts should be replaced and found out what problems there are.
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restoration needs to proceed step by step. >> many people want to go farther. currently the tourists can see only the process. that's why the officials want to restore the historic scene and show the entire production process. they hope to see this from over 20 years ago and boost tourism to the mill. >> translator: we want people at home and abroad to know what silk is and that it's being produced here and that we're still making now. >> the goal is for the city to start marketing its own brand of silk within two years.
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and the people see the recognition as an exciting new challenge as they walk to preserve the area's heritage. nhk world. a tornado tears through a texas community. our meteorologist jonathon o oh is here to tell us more. >> we have a system that is pushing through texas. we have an onshore flow that fueled the moisture in and because of that we had a tornado that formed over in galveston. let me show you some video coming out of that area where a mobile moment community was struck because of a tornado. several buildings were destroyed. the strong winds also knocked out pow tore other homes in the neighborhood. no deaths were reported, thankfully, from the system. now as we continue on through friday, we're going to watch out for the possibility of some
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scatters thunderstorms because the high pressure system that is responsible for pushing in that moisture is still in place. so anywhere from the southeastern coast of texas up to houston, look out for the possibility of rain and thunderstorms. we're also watching out for the low pressure system that is slowly pushing over the rack ki mountains, the same warm surge of air is affecting this system with the cold air wrapping around the low. we're going to see the possibility of some fear weather anywhere from the dakotas down into north texas. we're looking at the possibility of gusts as slong as 90 kilometers an hour, hail is possible. we also have a high pressure system off the coast of california bringing an onshore flow with very dry conditions in the desert southwest. to the gusty conditions is only going to enhance the fire danger in the yar. we're going to have to be very careful when it comes to the weather. very dry conditions. we have an on shore flow that's
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going to create some foggy conditions over at the beach. the pacific northwest want little wet and cooler, 18 in vancouver. we're going to see rain moving into the deep south, scattered showers and thunderstorms from atlanta into miami. dry conditions from toronto into d.c. with highs in the upper 20s. let's take a look at the forecast for east asia. lots of rain to talk about from western japan into eastern china. we're looking at rain totals up to 267 millimeters in the past 24 hours. that's a record for the day. and it looks like more rain is expected for japan so definitely have to bring some of those outside plans indoors because of the low pressure system. meanwhile, the low down over in the philippines causing a lot of problems. about 112 millimeters fell over a 24-hour period. 4,000 homes were affected on top of that one person has died was to have flooding. so definitely not a good situation with the landslides and the high amounts of water
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that is falling toward the ground. more rain is expected to be manila, tokyo and seoul, you'll see some rain, highs in the mid 20s on saturday. finally in europe we have the ball cans clearing out as high pressure starts to move in. that is good news after a rough beginning to the week. we are looking out for this low pressure system moving into the british aisles and touching western europe. possibly thunderstorms as this system continues to develop. into the weekend, more rain expected for wimbledon, so friday all the way into sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms, already had some delays with some matches because of the weather pattern. highs will be a tad cooler, only in the upper teens. other areas like paris you'll see a high of 25 around friday. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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and that's "newsline" for this hour. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us.
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glad to be together.
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